We work closely with each of our clients to create a customized program that addresses their individual skin needs, concerns, goals and lifestyle. Our goal is to support our clients throughout their skincare journey and provide them with the tools they need to enhance their results in the treatment room, at home, and long term.

During a facial consultation, our experienced aestheticians conduct a comprehensive assessment that includes reviewing the client's medical history, lifestyle, dietary habits, current skincare regimen, etc. We engage in an in-depth discussion about their skin concerns and desired outcomes. Additionally, we perform a thorough skin analysis to better understand their skin's unique characteristics. Together, we collaborate on a personalized treatment plan that targets their specific skin concerns and goals and provide tailored product recommendations to support their skincare routine.

The benefits of a consultation here at RnD Skin Co. are numerous. During your 30 minute consultation, some of what you can expect include: receiving a personalized treatment plan, skincare recommendations, education on skincare best practices, product knowledge, and valuable tips for at-home care. We believe in the importance of education and helping our clients better understand the process and value behind every recommendation. Our aestheticians build a rapport with each client, offering a platform for questions and answers, and providing outside resource recommendations if needed.

This dedicated time allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our clients' needs and goals, enabling us to provide tailored solutions and support throughout their skincare journey.

Starting with a consultation is crucial to your skin health journey as it allows us to address clients' concerns, answer questions, and recommend the most suitable treatments or services. Unlike specific facial and laser treatments, a consultation provides a holistic approach to skin health, ensuring that clients receive personalized care that meets their individual needs.

We are committed to supporting you throughout your skin journey and will continue to offer support, education and guidance beyond your consultation. Your consultation fee will be applied towards your first treatment with us. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to accomplish your skin goals! Should you also want to receive a treatment after your consultation, we highly recommend beginning with booking our RnD Classic Facial!

Price: $25

Length: 30 minutes